Principal's Newsletter August 2016

Dear Families,

THANK YOU for a successful first 2 weeks!

With the construction project, it has condensed our usual space.  We now have half of our Big Yard and the Auditorium doubles as a cafeteria.  What this means is that school operations have been squeezed into tighter spaces, making some of our usual protocols a challenge.  Your help has made it a smooth transition.

THANK YOU to all of you for helping with a speedy intake process.  Getting 500+ students into the classrooms for instruction on time is quite challenging. We appreciate your support in clearing the yard.  

THANK YOU for adhering to our opening of the doors at 8:15 am.  Again, with workmen and movers working in the school before and after hours, it is important that we stick to our hours of operation.   We need to minimize the amount of contact between workers needing to do work and students.

THANK YOU to all of you for coming early to use the White Zone.  It takes a good 10 minutes to get through the line if you come past 8:30 am, so if you want to avoid congestion, allow yourself enough time to use our White Zone service by coming earlier.  

Please note that 35th Avenue is not a car drop zone, and you will be asked to drive to the front and not unload your children from the cars.  This is for the safety of all the children. If, however, you have safely parked and/or are walking your child to school on the West side of the building, you may enter at 35th Avenue until 8:40 am when the door is locked.  After that, all access into the building during school hours will be through our Main Door at 34th Avenue.

 THANK YOU for waiting outside at 2:40 pm instead of waiting in the halls or yard.  Again, with all the activity going on in the building and with the adjacent work, it is a safety issue to make sure we dismiss all of our 500+ students as efficiently and as safely as possible without congestion.

THANK YOU for signing in if you need to enter the building.  It helps us know who is in our building, for the safety of all our students and staff.  If you need to enter the building to talk to a teacher, the office, or any other reason, you are welcome to do so; please sign in.  

We thank you for looking out for the safety and happiness of all of our students!  We could not do this without your support, and I am grateful for your partnership.


Principal Lau-Yee




由於建造計劃, 我們的日常空間縮小了。現在, 我們有半個操塲, 禮堂兼作飯堂。這意味著學校可以運作的範圍也縮小了, 也加大了我們遵守規則的難度。您們的幫忙讓我們平穩過渡。

感謝您們合作,讓學生迅速進校。我們有多過500名學生,可以凖時開始授課是不容易的。謝謝你們支持, 準時離開操塲。

感謝您們遵守早上八時十五分的開門時間。由於建築和搬運工作人員需於上課前後的時間工作, 我們必需準時上下課。我們會儘量避免工作人員與學生接觸。


請謹記 35th Avenue 不是汽車上落區,請繞到前門才讓學生下車。安全第一。但是,如果您已經安全地停泊了汽車,或是和你的孩子步行上學, 您們可以在 35th Avenue 的門口進入。此門會於 8:40am 關閉。上課時間內,只可於 34th Avenue 的大門進出學校。