Campus Hours of Operation

Dear Parents,

For the safety of your child, this is a reminder of school operational hours.  The school opens at 8:15 am for breakfast service at which time children may enter the cafeteria.  The yard does not open for yard supervision until 8:25 am.  The staff contractual hours do not start before 8:15 am, so although there may be adults in the building, they are doing their own work that does not include supervising students pre-operational hours.

Several children have been left sitting in front of the school without a parent or guardian before the school opens.  For your child's safety, please make arrangements to ensure that your child is not left unsupervised before school officially opens.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation!



為了您們子女/學生的安全,請注意 以下學校的辦公時間:

學校飯堂服務時間是由早上八時十五分開始、 學生可以購買早餐和在飯堂膳食。

學校操場有在場監督職員的時間是由早上八時二十五分才開始。 八時二十五分之前是沒有操場監督員。

學校職員和校務 時間是早上八時十五分後開始。 因此、雖然有職員、校務員和成人在校內、 他們都在做自己的本職工作,這並不包括監督學生。

最近有好幾個學生、在學校辦公時間前、校門還未開鎖、 沒有父母或監護人陪同下、 獨自坐在學校門口等待校門開放上學、  這是很不安全的。為了您們子女/學生的安全、 請家長和監護人作好時間安排、 一直陪同您的子女直至學校辧公時間正式開始。 不要讓您的子女獨個兒無人監督。