Principal’s Newsletter November 2016

Dear RLS Community,

Although this is the season for Thanksgiving, I believe and want the children to learn that it is important to take time to say thank you at any and all times.  We have so much to be thankful and grateful for each day.

Thank you to all the families for getting your children to school, ready to learn, each day.  Thank you for your continued support with whatever is needed to maximize instructional time and in raising responsible citizens.

Thank you to all the volunteers for supporting joyful learning, in and out of the classroom.

Thank you to all the teachers, staff, and after school programs for keeping our students safe and engaged.

Thank you to the Construction Team for working around the clock to deliver us an updated and beautiful building while keeping our community safe.

Thank you to everyone for working together, in times of happiness and in times of challenge. 

I am grateful for your partnership.


Principal Lau-Yee 












8:40 start time and Traffic Alleviation Request

Dear Parents,

I have a request that will help with our morning traffic greatly.

Please do not make turns left or right on Quintara when there is a big line up of cars in the white zone; this holds up the entire line. Instead, please continue straight until Rivera; that will help us move the traffic out of the zone FASTER.  Please do not double park on that interim street because you will hold up the line.

The same families come at 8:37 am or later every day and expect to be able to enter the school on time by 8:40 am.  Please note that it takes more than 3 minutes to go through the drop zone at this busy time.  Give yourself enough time to use the zone properly.  Come early to avoid foot and vehicle traffic. There is no congestion at 8:15 when the drop zone starts.  There is guaranteed congestion if you come at 8:30 or later.  

If you would like to take advantage of this service, (this is a privilege and service that takes up a lot of staff and parent volunteer resources), please be courteous.  Do not yell at the staff or volunteers that come half an hour earlier than everyone else to serve the children coming in cars.  If you are running late and feel frazzled, please do not take it out on the adults trying to keep our kids safe.  Please be a good example to our children.  

If you have some helpful suggestions, please come early to help out and work in the zone to make it better.  If you have a day where you could help for 20 minutes or so, grab an orange vest from the office and jump in to help with the car line.  You can sign up on our school web page,, as there are many vacant spots.  We should not rely on just a handful of the same volunteers each day but should take shared responsibility of keeping our students safe.

The yard gate will be closed by 8:40 AM at intake.  Cars have been pulling up at 8:40 and later, trying to send their children through the gate while intake has already started.  These same cars do not pull up to the front of the zone but fling open their doors at the back of the zone in order to send their children through the gate late, holding up the line of cars behind them.  We do not want to teach our children to interrupt and walk in during the flag salute or to push through other classes while they go into the building.  Students will be considered late after 8:40 and should go through the front door for a tardy pass.

We are letting you know this in advance so you will please make adjustments to your mornings (or prepare things the previous night) if you are chronically running late.  Our school day starts at 8:40 am, so make sure your child is here before that, ready and prepared for class. 

It is fair and reasonable that we ask for your help and cooperation, as well as your respect and courtesy.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Diane Lau-Yee, Principal



請不要在Quintara街左轉或右轉,尤其白線上落區已有一條很長的車龍。請繼續直駛到Rivera街, 然後才左轉或右轉。 這可幫助車輛迅速離開白線上落區和使交通流暢。

請不要在這街中途位置雙線停車。因為這會延誤白線上落區上落, 使交通擁塞, 造成車龍。

每天早上8:37或以後送上學的家長/家庭們,你希望能在上午8:40準時進入學校。請注意,在這個繁忙的時段,經過白線上落區需要超過3分鐘或以上。請給自己足的時間來正確使用白線上落區域。早點時間上學, 避免人和車擁塞

早上8:15, 白線上落區開始, 這時間,非繁忙時間, 交通流暢, 沒有擁塞,沒有車龍。如果你在8:30或以後到達,一定有擁塞。


請保持禮貌,不要大聲呼喊工作人員或家長義工們。這些工作人員或家長義工們,比其他人早半小時到達學校,幫助學生/小孩子在白線上落區安全下車。如果你遲到了,感到疲不堪,請不要拿它發洩到為保持我們的孩子安全的工作人員和家長義工們。請保持禮貌, 請為我們的孩子做個好榜樣。

若你有好的建議,請早些到達學校, 來幫助白線上落區小孩子安全下車,使它更好。如果你有一天, 你可以幫助大約20分鐘左右,你可到辦公室拿一件橙色的背心穿上,然後到白線上落區幫助。

家長們, 我們現仍有許多空缺, 很需要家長義工。請到我們學校網頁報名:



造成擁塞。 我們不想教導我們的孩子在國旗致敬期間打斷或步進,或推動其他班級學生進入學校/班房。


我們提前告知, 如果你長期遲到,建議你可以調整你的早晨時間(或前一天晚上準備好明天的一切)。

上學時間從上午8:40開始,請確保你的孩子在這之前到達學校,預備好, 並準備上課。







Rainy Day Protocol 2016 - 2017

Dear Families,

Please take note of our Rainy Day protocols.  With the construction and loss of the auditorium use, we have very limited space.  Therefore, in the mornings, PLEASE DO NOT enter the breezeway or cafeteria, as these are our main holding areas.  If you leave quickly, it will give us space to organize the classes in their appropriate spaces.  If you linger or push through the students, you will add to our logistical challenges.


  • K,1, 2 go to cafeteria and sit at designated table with their class. Teachers pick them up there. PARENTS, please do not enter the cafeteria.  We do not have room for you to come in.
  • 3rd graders wait in breezeway and teachers pick them up there.  Parents, please do not block or stand in the breezeway. We have just enough space for the 4 classes to stand.
  • 4 & 5 go upstairs and wait in hall for teachers to receive them into classrooms.     


  • K parents will line up in the Main Office Hallway and classes will come out to parents with teachers.  Parents, please do not crowd the classrooms but wait until the teachers lead the students to you.
  • 1st and 2nd grade parents will line up directly outside their child’s classroom for pick up in the hallways along the walls.  Please keep the center aisles clear for passing and do not linger to allow for easy access.
  • Bungalows B1, B2, B3, B4, B5 will dismiss directly from Bungalow doors.
  • 101, 102, 103, 104, 105 will meet under the Breezeway for guardian pick up.

CAR pick up in white-zone on 34th:  Please be patient as we wait for the students with car pick up to walk to the main office breezeway.  It takes some time, and they will arrive around 2:45 pm.  We will help load them in the cars; please do not park and block our white zone.  If you are early, we may ask you to circle around the block or you can park your car in a non-white zone spot and walk in to pick up your child.

San Miguel BUS kids line up outside Room 10.  SPED Busses on Quintara.
KEEP and EXCEL in the Cafe
Mandarin in Bungalows

PACE, HUL, and Meijia students will wait in the Main Office Breezeway for car pick up.

Thank you for your cooperation

Diane Lau-Yee, Principal

Campus Hours of Operation

Dear Parents,

For the safety of your child, this is a reminder of school operational hours.  The school opens at 8:15 am for breakfast service at which time children may enter the cafeteria.  The yard does not open for yard supervision until 8:25 am.  The staff contractual hours do not start before 8:15 am, so although there may be adults in the building, they are doing their own work that does not include supervising students pre-operational hours.

Several children have been left sitting in front of the school without a parent or guardian before the school opens.  For your child's safety, please make arrangements to ensure that your child is not left unsupervised before school officially opens.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation!



為了您們子女/學生的安全,請注意 以下學校的辦公時間:

學校飯堂服務時間是由早上八時十五分開始、 學生可以購買早餐和在飯堂膳食。

學校操場有在場監督職員的時間是由早上八時二十五分才開始。 八時二十五分之前是沒有操場監督員。

學校職員和校務 時間是早上八時十五分後開始。 因此、雖然有職員、校務員和成人在校內、 他們都在做自己的本職工作,這並不包括監督學生。

最近有好幾個學生、在學校辦公時間前、校門還未開鎖、 沒有父母或監護人陪同下、 獨自坐在學校門口等待校門開放上學、  這是很不安全的。為了您們子女/學生的安全、 請家長和監護人作好時間安排、 一直陪同您的子女直至學校辧公時間正式開始。 不要讓您的子女獨個兒無人監督。




Principal's Newsletter August 2016

Dear Families,

THANK YOU for a successful first 2 weeks!

With the construction project, it has condensed our usual space.  We now have half of our Big Yard and the Auditorium doubles as a cafeteria.  What this means is that school operations have been squeezed into tighter spaces, making some of our usual protocols a challenge.  Your help has made it a smooth transition.

THANK YOU to all of you for helping with a speedy intake process.  Getting 500+ students into the classrooms for instruction on time is quite challenging. We appreciate your support in clearing the yard.  

THANK YOU for adhering to our opening of the doors at 8:15 am.  Again, with workmen and movers working in the school before and after hours, it is important that we stick to our hours of operation.   We need to minimize the amount of contact between workers needing to do work and students.

THANK YOU to all of you for coming early to use the White Zone.  It takes a good 10 minutes to get through the line if you come past 8:30 am, so if you want to avoid congestion, allow yourself enough time to use our White Zone service by coming earlier.  

Please note that 35th Avenue is not a car drop zone, and you will be asked to drive to the front and not unload your children from the cars.  This is for the safety of all the children. If, however, you have safely parked and/or are walking your child to school on the West side of the building, you may enter at 35th Avenue until 8:40 am when the door is locked.  After that, all access into the building during school hours will be through our Main Door at 34th Avenue.

 THANK YOU for waiting outside at 2:40 pm instead of waiting in the halls or yard.  Again, with all the activity going on in the building and with the adjacent work, it is a safety issue to make sure we dismiss all of our 500+ students as efficiently and as safely as possible without congestion.

THANK YOU for signing in if you need to enter the building.  It helps us know who is in our building, for the safety of all our students and staff.  If you need to enter the building to talk to a teacher, the office, or any other reason, you are welcome to do so; please sign in.  

We thank you for looking out for the safety and happiness of all of our students!  We could not do this without your support, and I am grateful for your partnership.


Principal Lau-Yee




由於建造計劃, 我們的日常空間縮小了。現在, 我們有半個操塲, 禮堂兼作飯堂。這意味著學校可以運作的範圍也縮小了, 也加大了我們遵守規則的難度。您們的幫忙讓我們平穩過渡。

感謝您們合作,讓學生迅速進校。我們有多過500名學生,可以凖時開始授課是不容易的。謝謝你們支持, 準時離開操塲。

感謝您們遵守早上八時十五分的開門時間。由於建築和搬運工作人員需於上課前後的時間工作, 我們必需準時上下課。我們會儘量避免工作人員與學生接觸。


請謹記 35th Avenue 不是汽車上落區,請繞到前門才讓學生下車。安全第一。但是,如果您已經安全地停泊了汽車,或是和你的孩子步行上學, 您們可以在 35th Avenue 的門口進入。此門會於 8:40am 關閉。上課時間內,只可於 34th Avenue 的大門進出學校。