Why We Raise Funds

Some families may be wondering why the PTA spends so much time and energy trying to raise money. After all, doesn't the State and Local government provide all of the necessary funds?

The simple fact is that it takes a lot of money to provide a quality education for our kids. Schools in California have been and continue to be underfunded. In California, the average per student funding is $9,400 while the National average is $11,500. The San Francisco Unified School District provides basic funding such as teachers' salaries, school buildings and basic supplies.

Our PTA fills the budget gap with the additional aid teachers need to afford our students every opportunity for a great education. The PTA also organizes events that brings the entire RLS community together in a safe and fun environment.

How We Raise Funds

We have several events and programs throughout the year to help us achieve our goal:

The Annual Fund is our direct appeal for donations to all RLS families, relatives,  and friends. The campaign typically starts in October and ends in December. All donations are tax deductible. Corporate matching is a great way to double or even triple your contribution. Click on this easy tool to check if your employer offers donation matching.

The Spring Silent Auction is where RLS families have the opportunity to bid for donated items that support many educational programs for our students. This evening gala is open to the community and typically draws more than 500 participants. Some of the items or activities available for bidding in previous years include: Principal for a Day, Tutoring, Gift Basket, Outings to local attractions, etc.

Walk-A-Thon is a great event for the RLS students. Our kids raise money  by collecting donations from parents, relatives and friends for walking their goal distance. In addition, this event promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Shop for RLS provides families an opportunity to give back to the school all year around. RLS has partnered with retailers to provide our school a percentage of profit for every dollar spent. Click here to see the list of the participating retailers and programs.

Ways to Donate

Donations are always welcome and appreciated .We accept donations in the form of checks (preferred)  and online through Paypal. To donate and for more information please visit our Annual Giving Campaign page by clicking here

How Funds are Spent

Except for a small percentage spent on administrative costs, all donations go  directly into your child's education and enrichment programs. Last year, the PTA spent an average of $119 per student. 

PTA supported programs and events include:

  • Field Trips
  • Talent Show
  • Halloween Parade
  • Teacher Appreciation Lunch
  • Read A Loud Program
  • Technology Teacher 
  • Technology Equipment
  • Math Tutor
  • Instructional Materials 
  • Classroom Supplies Stipends

We are always looking for new ways to better our school and bring the RLS family closer. We welcome your suggestions and comments.